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Ariel McCreary (R) and Sydney Swan (L) are just two among a group of bright and talented PCA student nurses at Brooks-TLC Hospital System, Inc. who are headed back to the classroom this fall. Working as a PCA student nurse at BTLC offers a unique opportunity for nursing students to work in their field while still attending school.
“It’s a win-win situation”, states Brian Pitts, director of acute care nursing. He added, “PCA student nurses are typically very motivated and conscientious about their work. At the same time, the nature of the position allows them to
float among departments, so they get to learn which areas of nursing they like before landing their first job out of nursing school…preferably, at Brooks-TLC”

The coordinated human resources and nursing concept is to pipeline nursing students into the hospital’s workforce, so when they pass their nursing board exams, they’re already on staff. Until that time, they work per diem, and the hospital works around their school schedule when they return home during school breaks.

Sydney, a senior at St. John Fisher College and Ariel, a senior at Mercyhurst University, along with their cohorts, have the opportunity to work directly with nurses, seeing all aspects of care in the hospital. “Depending what department I’m assigned to, I might perform EKG’s, take vitals, draw blood, or help feed patients,“ Sydney shared. As she heads back to Rochester, NY for her final clinical rotation, she’s already equipped with the experience to know she likes the fast pace of the emergency room.

For information about PCA student nursing jobs at Brook-TLC Hospital System, visit or call 716-363-7262.