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Brooks-TLC Hospital System, Inc. (Brooks-TLC) is committed to pricing and billing transparency and has posted, in machine readable format, on our website, the hospital’s Charge Master, a list of standard hospital charges for each service or item, a list of charges by Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) and a list of Pharmacy Charges.

Brooks-TLC’s charges are the same for all patients, however, a patient’s responsibility will vary depending on many factors. In addition to public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, there are many health plans and employers that self-insure for employee health benefits. Each of these payers offers a range of coverage products and each coverage product can have a different definition of what is and what is not covered, what the patient cost sharing (co-payments, deductibles or both) is, as well as payment methodologies and rules.

There is no national standard set of requirements and rules. Brooks-TLC must follow each plan’s specific requirements. In addition, Brooks-TLC must comply with payers’ requirements for pre-authorization, admission notification and utilization review, all of which impact the patients’ ultimate financial responsibility.

Recognizing that the list of standard charges and the charges by DRG may not provide the information you are seeking and to assist with your understanding and determining your unique financial responsibility, Brooks-TLC has established a dedicated point of contact. Patients can access this to obtain a price for any service by calling M-F from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. at 716-859-8462.

Brooks-TLC maintains programs for patients that cannot afford to pay for services. These programs include: a non-interest bearing loan program through a third party, a sliding fee schedule based on income and family size, grant programs for specific treatments, a financial counseling team that will assist in these matters, or enrollment in a government-sponsored insurance program.

The charges reflected in the attached files and the summary reflect the fees for hospital services and not the services of professionals including physicians, nurse anesthetists and others. Consumers can expect a charge from a treating emergency room physician, an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist, a radiologist, a hospitalist physician and a psychiatrist, among others.

Consumer Shoppable and Standard Charges

(machine readable file)

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