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ER Nurse Receiving VaccineBrooks-TLC received its first supply of COVID-19 vaccines yesterday and began providing vaccinations for high risk staff working within the health system.

Sara Couchman, RN, emergency room nurse, was the first frontline health care worker to receive the hospital’s first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. Sara stated, “I’m happy this is the beginning of a new era, and also the end of pain and suffering for so many families.”  Lisa Barone, RN, director of infection control and surgical services, administered the first vaccination added, “This is the first ray of hope we’ve seen in a long time.”

Christopher Kotowski, PharmD, the hospital’s director of pharmacy, and a team of hospital representatives have been preparing for the arrival of vaccines and ensuring that the regulations related to allocation and administration of the vaccine are followed.

Brooks-TLC is a participant in the State’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program and is adhering to confidentiality requirements as they pertain to vaccine quantities, storage, and administration.