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A story of values, perseverance and dedication to our community.

History alone can’t tell a story.

Not if it’s defined in just years, statistics, buildings and transactions. Those are all indeed elements of a story, but it is the people that allow a story to be told. It’s embedded in relationships. It’s honor shown in the face of great adversity. It’s example set by sacrificial service. It’s leadership willing to take on unknown outcomes, by modeling unwavering support for the vision at hand.

That is the Brooks-TLC Story.
The history behind us informs the challenges before us. But it’s the people that came before us and are beside us today that will undoubtedly allow all of us to experience what it means to be part of something special.

A Community

Horatio G. and Julia A. Brooks never wanted their names on a building. In fact, they were both deceased when that moment came to pass and Brooks Memorial Hospital was created.

It was their two children that saw an opportunity to model honor for us. They saw it first-hand in the way their father and mother cared for their staff at the Brooks Locomotive Company for so many years. They were deeply involved and attached to the health, safety and continued well-being of their employees. So in humble adoration for and honor of their parents, they donated the former family Mansion on the corner of Central Avenue and 6th Street to be used to care for their entire community’s health.

And Brooks Memorial Hospital was born.

Building A Healthy Community: Brooks Memorial Hospital - The First 100 Years
Horatio & Julia Brooks

Everyday people who cared deeply, served extraordinarily, and honored every person they met by meeting every need they could.

Their legacy was left to us… and continues to care for us, as we honor them by caring for one another.